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LEGO Retro Rumble – Lego Set or £150 Cash Alternative

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Ends: 14 June 2024
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ONLY £1.99 per Ticket – WIN a Lego Set of Choice or £150 + 50 INSTANT WINS TO FIND

👻 Find the GHOST emoji and your Instant Win will be doubled!

Enter for a chance to win the ultimate prize of your choice: a LEGO set from our exclusive list or £150 in tax free cash! Whether you’re a fan of building iconic structures or prefer the flexibility of extra cash, this giveaway offers something for everyone. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to indulge in creative fun or treat yourself to something special. Enter now and let your imagination or wallet thrive!

Your choices are:

75394 – Imperial Star Destroyer™
21332 – The Globe
10274 – Ghostbusters ECTO-1
10300 – Back to the Future Time Machine
76435 – Hogwarts™ Castle: The Great Hall
76389 – Hogwarts™ Chamber of Secrets
42176 – Porsche GT4 e-Performance Race Car
10295 – Porsche 911
10283 – NASA Space Shuttle Discovery
10318 – Concorde
31212 – Vincent Van Gough Starry Night
31212 – Milky Way Galaxy
10302 – Optimus Prime
31209 – The Amazing Spider-Man
77015 – Temple of the Golden Idol
43247 – Young Simba the Lion King


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